‘Attention Powered Car’ won’t drive unless you’re concentrating

(Credit: RAC WA)

Emotiv and the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia have joined forces to come up with a slightly unusual solution for the dangers of driver inattention.

The so-called Attention Powered Car features a neuroheadset made by Emotiv, creator of a range of electroencephalography-based monitoring gear.

The EPOC headset.

(Credit: Emotiv)

When worn, the headset, known as the EPOC, measures electrical activity in the brain to gauge how focused the driver is on driving.

The headset interfaces with custom software installed in the car, with any lapses in concentration resulting in the vehicle slowing down safely to about 9 mph as a way of alerting the driver to their inattention.

In fact, the car — a Hyundai i40 — will only run at full capacity when it senses the driver is giving their full attention to the task at hand.

According to Pat Walker, RAC executive general manager:

The impact of inattention is now comparable to the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by speed and drink driving, whi… [Read more]

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