At Apple, gold iPhone 5S is known as ‘the Kardashian phone’

Here's the "gold iPhone" Kardashian was so proud of last December.

(Credit: Kim Kardashian/Twitter )

Apple employees are often accused of excessive reverence for the brand and even for themselves.

They are said to distort reality, as if it is one more element to be merely designed and presented.

But news reaches me that there might be an inner core of magical, revolutionary realism that permeates the walls of Cupertino.

For, as The New York Times’ Nick Bilton tweeted on Friday, the gold iPhone 5S, from its very inception, had an extremely down-to-earth nickname at home.

No, it’s wasn’t known as “The Fifth Wonder of the Telephonic World.” Nor was it referred to as “The Glittering Prize,” “The Golden Child,” or “Goldfingerprint ID.”

Instead, all through the design process it was apparently referred to as “the Kardashian Phone.”

I feel sure that America’s great icon of discernment will rush out a press release, a YouTube video, and perhaps a whole episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to celebrate Apple’s elevation of its gadget to her level of stardom.

Some, though, will wonder whether Apple employees felt a certain snootiness with respect to this step toward the nightclub VIP section.

It’s been theorized that the gold iPhone 5S was primarily targeted … [Read more]

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