Assemble the $99 Kano DIY computer in minutes

The $ 99 Pi-powered Kano computer can be assembled by kids.

(Credit: Kickstarter)

Can computers, and even coding, be as simple and fun as Lego?

Yes, says the London-based group behind Kano, a $ 99 DIY computer that’s designed to provide a sense of play and exploration for what can sometimes seem like just a black box.

Since its debut on Kickstarter earlier this week, the concept has raised more than $ 460,000, far beyond its funding goal of $ 100,000. What’s so exciting?

Available for $ 99 for early backers, the Kano kit comes with a Raspberry Pi Model B board, DIY speaker, keyboard, cabling, instructions, and decorative materials like stickers. It connects to a monitor, which is of course not included.

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