Artist’s 3D-printed shoes tell tales of past girlfriends

(Credit: Sebastian Errazuriz)

If you ever date artist Sebastian Errazuriz, be warned. He may turn you into a shoe one day.

Well, a shoe sculpture at least. In “12 shoes for 12 lovers,” an exhibit now on display in Miami, Fla., Errazuriz reminisces about former lovers through 3D-printed high heels that convey a bit about each past inamorata. Apparently, there have been quite a few over the past 15 years, ranging from beloved girlfriends to one-night stands.

“Cry baby,” a white platform shoe with what appear to be splashes of water along the top, tells of Alexandra, who couldn’t stop crying about — or texting — her jerky ex-boyfriend during a night of passion with the New York-based Errazuriz.

“The Rock”: Talk about a grounded shoe.

(Credit: Sebastian Errazuriz)

The sleek red “Jetsetter” has a heel in the shape of a nose-down airplane for Jessica, who told Errazuriz that her dad owned a plane and the family had an empty house in Paris that could be his perfect art studio. “The more she tried to convince of the life we could have together, the less hot she became,” the artist writes of that particular muse.

Some, like a shoe recalling a summer tryst, have light and airy designs. Then there’s the big black blob of footwear titled “The Rock.” It reca… [Read more]

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