Apple’s new iPad Mini TV ad: Old-style Apple

(Credit: Arthur1456230/YouTube; Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET )

Looking back didn’t do a lot for Lot’s wife, but it might do a little for Apple.

The new iPad Mini ad, shown at today’s unveiling, offers a certain charm that’s been largely missing from much of Apple’s recent advertising.

Apple’s ‘little’ event

This, at least, offers a simple idea, simply done.

A subliminal message that might emerge for some is that what you can do with two fingers on your regular iPad, you can do with one on your Mini, but that wouldn’t be the intent.

Sir Jonathan Ive — as he’s known in Britain’s snootier newspapers — declared today that this new Mini isn’t a shrinking, but a “concentration.”

So here we have a finger concentrating very hard on making su… [Read more]

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