Apple store using sniffers to combat B.O.?

Getting sniffy?

(Credit: Oliver Eisermann/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Have you noticed that not everyone cares too much about the odor they emit?

Do you recoil at times when you walk past an apparently pleasant-looking person, as the olfactory experience they incite might call for fumigation?

I confess that one place where this might be an extreme problem is the Apple store.

Apple stores are so full of humanity at most times of the day. One has to squeeze through, in order to venerate a product or two.

A report suggests that Apple is aware of this slightly stinky problem. Rocco Pendola of the Street says that the very nice Apple store on Third Street in Santa Monica, Calif., has a terrible B.O. issue.

He says two Apple store employees confirmed to him that the store is stinky.

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