Apple creating better-sounding speakerphone for iOS devices


iPhone and iPad users unhappy with their speakerphones may be treated to better sound in future models.

Apple has invented a new speakerphone system for iOS devices, according to a patent published yesterday by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The patent application is filled with pages of the usual technical jargon.

But in a nutshell, Apple is redesigning and repositioning the traditional speaker and surrounding components to enhance the quality of the audio possible in a relatively small space. Though the patent doesn’t tout any specific benefits to consumers, “the new speaker positioning could provide iOS devices with generally superior sound, even when docked,” according to Patently Apple.

Speakers on mobile phones tend to offer weak sound due to their small size. Even laptops and tablets don’t have enough space for high-quality speakers, a factor acknowledged by Apple in its patent application.

There is a range of consumer electronics devices that are not dedicated or specialized audio playback devices, yet can benefit… [Read more]

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