Amazing light paintings — in space!

(Credit: Koichi Wakada)

As the name implies, the International Space Station is a collaborative endeavor between global space agencies, each of which works on individual projects as well as team efforts. One of Japanese space agency JAXA’s projects is, apparently, art — more specifically, a project by artist Takura Osaka.

Called Spiral Top, it’s a spinning gadget with LEDs in its prongs. When pushed through the zero-G atmosphere onboard the station, it allows a human photographer to take a beautiful, long-exposure light painting.

During his tenure aboard the ISS in 2009 — and currently — astronaut Koichi Wakada has been taking photos with the Spiral Top. He tweeted two recent pictures this week showing the device’s passage through the station.

????????????????????????Spiral Top?????????????????????????????????????????????

— Koichi Wakata (@Astro_Wakata) January 6, 2014

And below, the Spiral Top switched off and unmoving:

This “Spiral Top” with LEDs makes an amazing art in zero-gravity. See photos of my next two tweets.?

— Koichi Wakata (@As… [Read more]

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