50-foot mechanical snake brings Burning Man vibe to CES

LAS VEGAS–When you come to CES here, you expect to see computers and TVs galore. Mobile phones, sure. Printer and speakers? Check. But a 50-foot-long mechanical snake?

Though we’re in an arid, desert-like Nevada environment (never mind all the cement and golf courses), this isn’t Burning Man. But sure enough, just behind the CNET trailer here, Titanoboa is strutting its stuff. And indeed, Titanoboa is a 50-foot mechanical snake.

Titanoboa, a 50-foot-long electromechanical snake built for Burning Man 2011, is prowling around CES this week, thanks to sponsorship by Lenovo.

(Credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET)

Created by the Vancouver, B.C., arts collective EatArt, Titanoboa seeks to invoke the promise — or the threat — of global climate change, and the kinds of things we might start to see happen on this wonderful planet of ours.

Sixty million years ago in the sweltering heat of a climate 6 to 8 degrees (Celsius) warmer than today lived a monstrous snake called Titanoboa. It was only at these warmer temperatures which are at the upper end of climate change predictions that the cold-blooded beast was able to reach these sizes. Today, as fossilized life is exhumed and burned relentlessly to fuel modern progress, primordial spirits have been stirring. This fossi… [Read more]

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