3D-printed pizza: Here’s what it looks like

The finished product looks surprisingly appetizing.

(Credit: Natural Machines)

I’m guessing you usually make or order a pizza like the cavemen used to do it. That’s so yesterday. Start-up company Natural Machines is now tempting our tummies with a 3D-printed pizza made using its working prototype Foodini food printer.

Natural Machines shared a four-step photo collage of the pizza being made. It starts with the Foodini piping dough down in a tight spiral. This phase of the process isn’t exactly tummy-rumbling due to the less-than-attractive look of the dough.The next step involves a spiral of bright red sauce.

The cheese and oregano are applied by hand. The resulting cooked pizza really does look good enough to grab it off the screen and take a bite. “So much easier than doing it by hand!” the company says.

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